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Press Release: Dr. Reefer happily providing interviews and information to Las Vegas.

Press Release: Dr. Reefer happily providing interviews and information to Las Vegas.
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Las Vegas, NV. (July 3, 2014) – The # 1 Medical Marijuana brand in Las Vegas applauds Nevada’s forward movement and thinking as it comes closer to working developers, manufacturers and dispensaries.
“I believe we are in the midst of a shift in the collective mindset of the Nevada medical industry in regards to patients and different forms of medicine,” says Derek of Dr. Reefer. “The anticipation for people with varied ailments and medical conditions finally having scientifically proven medicinal options has been astounding. We are excited to see the city, county and state recognize what we championed for years; Medicinal Cannabis is a viable option for many patients and a definitive source of new revenue for the state.”

We entered the field after 65% of Nevada voters approved Question 9 on November 7, 2000, which amended the states’ constitution to recognize the medical use of Marijuana. After opening its door, it quickly became the leader in assisting patients get their medical marijuana cards. Since that time, this company has proven its experience and professionalism as it became the longest running and most trusted name in Cannabis within Las Vegas.
Please feel free to reach out to us for any interviews, assistance, quotes or information pertaining to medicinal marijuana with Las Vegas and Nevada.

About Dr. Reefer:
Located in Henderson Nevada, we are a trusted, discrete and highly trained medical office of the most notable and well-respected licensed and board-certified physicians who specialize in providing only the most safe and affordable access to patients seeking a medical marijuana evaluation, certification and recommendation within the state of Nevada. Our staff is here to attend to each and every patient’s questions, and we also help assist patients with every step of acquiring their Nevada medical marijuana card. If you currently suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition or disease and feel as if you can benefit greatly from the use of medical marijuana as an alternative medicine, then it’s time to come in and personally be evaluated by a physician who specializes in medical marijuana.

For more information, visit: drreefer.net, Twitter.com/DrReeferLV & Facebook.com/DrReeferLV.

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