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What medical conditions qualify me for the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program?

You qualify for a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card if you suffer from one or more of the following medical conditions:

multiple sclerosis
PTSD or any condition that causes muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, severe pain, or cachexia (disease-caused weigh loss and malnutrition)

If your medical condition is not listed above but you believe it deserves protection under the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program, you may petition Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services by filling out and sending them this form. (The form contains the address to mail it to.) (NRS 453A.050)


  1. 18+ Years Old*
  2. Valid NV Photo ID*
  3. Call 702-420-0420 or Request an Appointment Online*
  4. Gather all necessary medical records to bring to your appointment*
  • If you do not have medical records, then we can help you establish the necessary medical history, for certain conditions.

UPDATE:  We can now help out of state visitors to Las Vegas get a Doctor Recommendation which is REQUIRED for purchasing Medical Marijuana without a State Issued Medical Marijuana Card.  This recommendation can be used immediately (along with your out of state ID or a passport for all others) at some dispensaries in town to purchase Medical Cannabis. Dr Recommendation $125-  Just need a Dr Note for a Job Drug Test, Probation, Pain Clinic etc? Get The Dr. Reefer Dr Recommendation and save $$$!