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How Do I Renew My Nevada Medical Marijuana Card?

Hey Dr. Reefer, how Do I Renew My Nevada Medical Marijuana Card?
Just give us a call! Dr. Reefer assists patients with Nevada Medical Marijuana Card renewals and new patient certifications. We have the lowest prices throughout the entire State of Nevada. 702-428-0000 or 775-428-0000
Located in Henderson Nevada, we are a trusted, discrete and highly trained medical office of the most notable and well-respected licensed and board-certified Cannabis Physicians who specialize in providing only the most safe and affordable access to patients seeking a medical marijuana evaluation, certification and card within the state of Nevada. Our staff is here to attend to each and every patient’s questions, and we also help assist patients with every step of acquiring their Nevada medical marijuana card. If anyone is currently suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition or disease and feel they can benefit greatly from the use of medical marijuana as an alternative medicine, then we welcome them to personally be evaluated by a Las Vegas Marijuana Physician who understands the medicinal value of medical cannabis.