Your Right to Grow Cannabis at Home

How much marijuana can you grow if you have a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card?

Dr. Reefer has streamlined the process so that you get your card faster.

You and your designated primary caregiver may posses a total of Twelve (12) Mature plants after Dr. Reefer and the State have approved you. Mature marijuana plants are those that are blooming, where its flowers or buds may be seen without visual aid. (NRS 453A.200)

You DO NOT have to shop at the Local Dispensaries and pay the High taxes. The Dispensary prices are pretty High, “Grow Your Own” and start saving today!

Nevada approves the use of medical marijuana for AIDS, cachexia, cancer, glaucoma, post traumatic stress disorder, muscle spasms, seizures, nausea, and pain.

If you have a valid medical marijuana card, you are permitted to grow your 12 plants if:

· You have a valid medical marijuana card or your designated caregiver and the dispensaries in your county close or are unable to supply the quantity or strain of marijuana necessary for the medical use to treat your specific medical condition;

· Because your illness or lack of transportation and you hold a valid medical marijuana card and you and your caregiver are unable to reasonably travel to a medical marijuana dispensary.

Keep in mind that some of these exceptions may have to be proven in court if you are arrested, cited or charges have been filed against you, which can be costly and risky. Furthermore, Nevada law on marijuana is constantly changing so you should always ensure you are compliant.

If you don’t have a medical card in Nevada, you run the risk of getting in trouble- especially if the cops think you are selling it.  Nevada has mandatory minimum jail time for selling and growing marijuana, so if you are able to be licensed as a patient or caregiver, it is definitely worth the effort.

Growing marijuana without a medical license in this state is risky. Those that grow marijuana in Nevada could face a year or more in prison if they grow without a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card. Possessing anything over 2 ounces isn’t considered personal use, growing more then 12 plants may get you mistaken for a drug dealer. Patients who have been approved by a Las Vegas Marijuana Doctor should keep small and discrete home grow operations. .

Prices of recreational marijuana in Nevada projected by local dispensaries. Recreational Marijuana is taxed from 33-38%, depending on local regulations, with all state and local taxes included. Patients found to be in possession of greater than the statutorily permitted amount of medicinal marijuana may still be subject to prosecution under certain state and federal laws.